6 Things To Do This July

Happy July, Friends! Not only is this my birthday month but it is also the beginning of summer, which means we are officially half way through the year! Who hoooo!

This list won’t include all the fun activities you should do this July, I'll leave that for another time. Instead, this list will include six things you should do this month to help you lead a more fulfilling and bright summer!

1. Don’t go out: Just kidding! 😜 I started off with this one because I knew I would get your attention. I am not suggesting that you should not go out at all but just go out with better intentions. By limiting the number of things you do this summer will save your liver and your pocket.

2. Put the phone down: So I want to share a quick story. About a month ago, I got invited to a river tubing event in Arizona for the weekend. Since the service was bad, I only carried my phone around for pictures. Well, at the end of the second day, I dropped my phone while floating! Just like that... it was gone! I can only imagine what your faces look like while reading that, but I was actually fine! I reminded myself that material things are (usually) replaceable, but memories are not. So I moved on. Then a few weeks after my trip to the river, I got invited to Ensenada. Keep in mind, I still did not have a phone, but I wasn't as concerned because I knew I was in good hands.

Throughout this trip, I didn’t feel the urge to post, check social media, or be in constant communication with everyone. However, I did borrow my friend's phone a few times to post on my Instagram story because yo girl was feeling her bathing suit and even had my friend take some pictures of myself just to have. The point is, no matter where we went, we had great discussions without distractions. This allowed me to enjoy my friend's company and even sat in peace at times. In all, the trip was so relaxing and so much fun. By not having a phone made it more enjoyable. Call me crazy - I know.

I obviously wouldn’t recommend you to be completely phone-less, but I will suggest you try unplugging this month. You will never know what is in front of you if you are not looking.

3. Read a self-help book: There is nothing better than reading a good self-help book and there are so many to choose from. Since the sun is back out and the days seem to be bright, go grab a good read, go somewhere different, and leave your phone in your car or at your house – not in your pocket!

4. Reevaluate your goals: I know the first half of the year has flown by. Get over it and make more out of your time. If you made your “new year - new me goals” and haven’t achieved much… that is ok! This is the time to get adjusted and reevaluate where you are at. Take advantage of this month and your time moving forward to get you where you want to be. You got this!

5. Challenge yourself: I love a good challenge and getting out of my comfort zone. If your goal is to feel more confident – try wearing no make-up on an evening out or wearing less. This was huge for me but it worked! If your goal is to save – try @veemakecents '6 months savings plan'. If your purpose is to get fit – join a fitness club or have a friend accompany you on a yoga or cycling class. Fitness classes are usually inexpensive and fun. If they are too expensive, try finding a deal on Groupon or Living Social.

Whatever it is that you want to accomplish… just find a way to challenge yourself to allow yourself to grow.

6. Treat yourself: Last but not least, treat yo self! Make it a habit to do something you want to do weekly or monthly – whatever your time and budget allow! I understand it is not always easy, especially if you have to provide for someone else, go to school, go to work or all the above, but just remember, if you don’t take care of yourself, no one else will. There are too many people who depend on you for you to not live a healthy, happy, and fabulous life.