Become a Productivity Machine

The new year is fast approaching, and while making new year resolutions are quite common, preparing for them is not. I totally understand, which is why I thought it would be useful to create a blog, detailing our most popular products on our shop to help kick-start your goals. Not only do these products help keep you focused, but they help you stay committed to your vision. Let’s get started!

Vision Board Kits

Vision boards have been something I've enjoyed creating for a few years now. Sometime after gaining guardianship of my siblings, I needed something to keep me inspired and focused on my goals. I came across a blog detailing what a vision board was, and I immediately fell in love with this simple, yet so impactful tool. Vision boards help you invest the time and energy to visualize your future, and it consistently reminds you of your life goals. This activity is effective for your growth and is fun, and it is even more enjoyable when creating with others whether that be your family members, partner, son, daughter, students… literally anyone. This why I’ve put together these fun vision board kits and group packages!

The vision board kits come with a canvas board, which allows you to easily hang up on your wall or sit at your desk, and Mod Podge glue, which is a fabulous glue to use on almost anything, especially canvas boards. It comes with brushes for the glue, three full-sized magazines of your choice, and fancy scissors (as I like to call them). You can even add a custom note if you are sending this as a gift. Then the group packages are set for groups of people for four or more. These packages include everything but the scissors and when dividing amongst your group only comes out to about $12 per person. Not bad right!

Self-Care Planner

I didn’t want to sell just any product. So I did extensive research that took weeks when finding what products I wanted to sell in my shop. The products that I wanted to carry had to be effective goal-achieving tools. Now I love planners; however, I always ended up wasting a lot of paper since the planners I used were dated. These were not helpful because I continuously felt like my goals went to waste. So after tons of research, I ended up discovering the self-care planner. The self-care planner is undated, which means that no goal gets left behind. This also means you can put the planner down when you need a break and pick it right back up. It also has pages dedicated to helping you prioritize your time and your well-being. This is the perfect planner to use throughout the year!

Drinkware with Positive Affirmations

People have always asked me how do I keep a positive attitude, and well honestly, these quotes are what do it for me. I am a sucker for positive affirmations or a good ol' saying. So having products with a positive message was a must! Sometimes we need to be reminded to get shit done, and sometimes it's even better when it's delivered stylishly!

On that note, these products work in conjunction with your vision board. They are the puzzle pieces that help complete the picture that you want for your ideal life. As mentioned above, the new year is around the corner, don't wait for the right time, let alone the beginning of the year to get started on your resolutions. The time is now, are you ready!?

Which productivity product is your favorite?