What is a Vision Board and How To Create One

Inspo (shortened for inspiration) boards also known as vision boards have been something I enjoyed creating for a few years now. Sometime after gaining guardianship of my siblings, I needed something to help inspire me but keep me focus on my goals. At the time, I was a Pinterest addict (I still am) and came across a blog on vision boards and immediately loved the idea.

This was such a simple tool yet it was so impactful. All the blog advised to do was buy the materials and cut out images from magazines that would represent the life I wanted and then paste them onto a paper board. That was it! As I began, I remember flipping through the pages of the magazines asking myself what was it that I really wanted both short term and long term. Ever since, I have made it a priority to create a board every year with the intention to set new goals and achieve them.

What Is an Inspo Board?
An inspo board is a creative way to see your goals, set your goals, and pushes you to go get it! It is designed by you for you. An inspo board is any sort of board on which you can display any images that represent the most important areas in your life you want to improve on!

Getting Started on Your Inspo Board
Keep in mind
You can keep your board inspirational or practical or both. So if there is a fitness goal you want to reach, throw that image on there. If there are quotes you live by, paste them all over. Being reminded of your goals on a daily basis is a great way to hold yourself accountable and help you take action.

Choosing your theme
I tend to change my theme based on my goals for that year. For example, the first inspo board I created, I wanted to learn how to eat better and workout. As a result, I cut out several images that had recipes, healthy foods, fitness tips, and women who had six packs. Six years later, my goals have slightly shifted. I now look for images that reflect everything I want from the home I dream to live in, to images that represent pain, growth, women empowerment, and even the type of car I will buy! So choose your theme based on whatever it is you want to accomplish or dream to have and keep in mind that where you put your focus is what you attract.

Materials you'll need:
  • A canvas board (which is what I recommend because you can easily hang it up on the wall or stand on your desk), a poster board, or a cork board
  • Any kind of glue (my favorite is a Gloss Mod Podge Glue)
  • Mod Podge Brushes for glue
  • Magazines
  • Scissors
  • Quote cards
  • Washi tape
How To Create Your Inspo Board Step by Step
  1. Decide what you want to bring into your life and what you want to focus on.
  2. Cut out images from magazines that represent the life you want to live, plus quotes, and other images that appeal to you.
  3. Use a Gloss Mod Podge glue and a paint brush to paste the images on to the canvas board. Please note, you can use the mod podge glue on top of the images. It gives it a glossy look!
  4. Fill in and add as many layers until it is appealing to you. Keep in mind there is no “right way” to arrange your images. It’s your vision!
  5. Add any extra embellishments.
  6. Put your vision board on display somewhere you’ll see it every day to serve as a daily reminder! For instance, in your office or in your room!
  7. Once you are done, I encourage you to take a picture of your completed vision board and share it with us! Don’t forget to tag us and add a description of one of your biggest life's challenges, what your vision is, and how you plan to get there! Also, use the hashtag #shareyourinspo to read other visions and let others of our community see yours!


Download our Free PDF Vision Board Guide!